Sound Designer London • Sound Post Production • Pro Tools Editor • VFX • Motion Graphics • Animations • Film • Documentary • TV


All audio in these videos has been fully replaced, re-designed from scratch and mixed by me. 
The audio contains a mix of personally recorded material 
and sounds taken from various libraries that were heavily edited.
I own no rights on any of the footages below, and I'm making no money out of them.

I am a Pro Tools Editor with five years experience in the industry
who has designed sound for a wide range of big-name brands in Britain

I work as Sound Designer for a wide range of applications
2D and 3D Animations, VFX, Motion Graphics, Films, Corporates, Commercials,
Audio Logo Branding, Video-games, Virtual and Augmented Reality and more...

I am fully equipped with the latest and most acclaimed audio editing softwares available on the market,
such as Pro Tools 2019, iZotope RX7 Advanced, Waves plugins and many more..

I have access to many of the highest quality sound effect libraries on the market, 
audio manipulation plugins, virtual instruments, hardware synthesisers,
and all the tools a Sound Designer needs in the modern digital age
Sound Design
3D Animation • 2D Animation • Motion Graphics • Visual Effects • Character Animation
Film • TV • Documentary

The videos below are few examples of my work as sound designer.
These videos are available to watch on Youtube

Audio Restoration⁣⁣⁣⁣
As you all know, low quality audio has a devastating impact to video productions.
In these ‘Before and After’ examples, you can appreciate the potential of audio restoration.
Of course nobody can make miracles happen, audio problems can be fixed to a certain extent.
However, quite often audio restoration will make a big difference.
These are just few examples of unusable audio I’ve found on Youtube.
You can watch the original video clips clicking the link in the description.
Audio has been detached from the clips, then restored by me.
I own no rights on the footages, and I’m making no money out of them.

Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
Audio Manipulation and Granular Synthesis to design original sounds
Creation of Immersive, Sonic Experiences for moving image medias
EQ, Dynamic and Effects processing
Audio restoration
Dialogue Levelling
Dialogue Cleaning and Enhancement
Dialogue Noise Suppression
Rustle Removing
Wind Attenuation
Sibilant Consonants Attenuation
Ambiance Restoration
Breath Control
Click and Crackle Removal
Plosives Removal
Excessive Reverberation Dampening
Poor Microphone Placement Compensation
Unfavourable Acoustic Conditions Compensation
And much more...
Sound Designer London • Sound Post Production • Pro Tools Editor
VFX • Motion Graphics • Animations • Film • Documentary • TV
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