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Roberto La Piana
Sound RecordistSound Designer
+44 7774 77 8108
London, UK


I’m a London based freelance Audio Engineer, I graduated at SAE University in London, BSc(Hons) with First Class Honours in Audio Production
I work as a Location Sound Recordist and Mixer for Tv, Documentaries, Corporates, Commercials, Film, WEB products and more…

With a focus on experimental uses of cutting edge audio technologies, I also work as Sound Designer for a wide range of applications

Sound Recordist London
Knowledgeable and vastly experienced in all the theoretical and technical aspects related to audio
Film and TV Production and Post-Production, Sound Design for Film and Animation – Location Recording
Foley – Mixing in Surround – Audio Repair and Restoration – Mastering – and more…

Fully equipped with the latest and highest quality Sound Recording Equipment available on the market
as well as the most acclaimed audio editing softwares
and all the essential tools needed to match the industry standards in audio post-production

I have access to many of the highest quality sound effect libraries on the market, audio manipulation plugins, virtual instruments,
hardware synthesisers, and all the tools a Sound Designer needs in the modern digital age

Specialised in and equipped for dialogue recording under the most demanding and challenging circumstances
such as very noisy environments or windy locations, vehicle and air traffic closed by locations, echoey rooms, noisy or un-micable costumes etc..

Roberto La Piana •  Sound Recordist London • Sound Designer London • StandingAudio

Location Sound Recording
Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
Audio Manipulation and Granular Synthesis to design original sounds
Creation of Immersive, Sonic Experiences for moving image medias
EQ, Dynamic and Effects processing
Audio restoration
Dialogue Levelling
Dialogue Cleaning and Enhancement
Dialogue Noise Suppression
Rustle Removing
Wind Attenuation
Sibilant Consonants Attenuation
Ambiance Restoration
Breath Control
Click and Crackle Removal
Plosives Removal
Excessive Reverberation Dampening
Poor Microphone Placement Compensation
Unfavourable Acoustic Conditions Compensation
And much more..