Roberto La Piana

Audio Engineer
Location Sound Recordist – Production Sound Mixer
Film and Animation Sound Designer

Audio Production and Post-Production

TV – Documentary – Film – Corporate – Commercials

Audio Monitoring Solutions for Director and Agency

Sound Design

The ability to communicate meaning and emotions through sound
is key to keeping the viewer engaged in sound-aided storytelling

Good Relationship with Audio Equipment Rental Companies

No matter how demanding your project might be, I can hire the equipment needed to bring it to life

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Location Sound Recordist London, UK ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Roberto is a London based freelance Audio Engineer; He graduated at SAE University London, BSc with First Class Honours in Audio Production •••••••••••••••••• Roberto works as a Location Sound Recordist and Mixer for Tv, Documentary, Corporates / Commercials, Film, WEB products and more •••••••••••••••••••• With a focus on experimental uses of cutting edge audio technologies, Roberto also works as sound designer for a wide range of applications

Roberto La Piana • Location Sound Recordist
Film and TV Production and Post-Production, Film and Animation Sound Design, Location Recording, Live Sound, Radio Broadcasting, Foley, Mixing in 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Audio Formats, Audio Repair and Restoration, Mastering, Audio Programming in Max MSP, and more..

Fully equipped with the latest and highest quality sound recording equipment available on the market, as well as the most acclaimed audio editing softwares and all the essential tools needed to match the industry standards in audio production and post-production. Equipment List

Specialised in and equipped for dialogue recording under the most demanding and challenging circumstances, such as very noisy environments or windy locations, vehicle and air traffic closed by locations, echoey rooms, noisy or un-micable costumes etc..

Associations and Organisations


Audio Engineering Society (AES)
The leading professional association worldwide for professionals and students involved in the audio industry

As the professional society for audio, the AES serves its global membership by providing educational resources, leadership in the development of new standards and technologies, and forums for the exchange of creative and scientific information. AES members are recording engineers, researchers, acousticians, sound mixers, DSP engineers, mastering engineers and more.

The media and entertainment union

BECTU is the UK's media and entertainment trade union; sectors covered include broadcasting, film, independent production, theatre and the arts, IT and telecoms, live events, leisure and digital media.